Workpackage 1

Transnational Project Management, Coordination, Monitoring and Reporting

WP1 ensures the effective implementation of the project giving quality and clear procedures, management structures, expertise and management tools according to ERASMUS+ 2021-2027 Programme and European and national regulations/legislation. Innovation and Added Value: WP1 impacts to the project’s Transnational Partnership providing strong and trustworthy commitments to Project goals, ensuring the knowledge transfer through partners, staff and experts, using new management tools with a clear, active and multitasking management structure. GUIDELINES: WP1 is designed as per MODEL GRANT AGREEMENT FOR THE ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME; EC Aid Delivery Methods, Project Management Guidelines 2004. 

Conclusion of the Grant Agreement and the Partnership Agreement – Two official documents signed by the Project consortium.

  • Election of 3 Project Committees – The votes of 7 partners determined three project committees. (Technical Committee, Steering Committee, Quality Control Committee).
  • Project Management Toolkit – The Project Management Toolkit with four tools was delivered by the COO(KBB) at the kick-off Meeting (27 January).

TOURBiNE Kick Off Minutes of the Meeting:–f9IX2aHr3Urk2eRhdu8PaA-UmcB?usp=sharing

  • Coordination Meetings – Two project coordination meetings (Konya, Chios) and two teleconferences were successfully held between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023.
  • Completion of the Interim Report – The interim report was prepared with the contributions of all partners under the guidance and leadership of Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

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