Support young people with fewer opportunities (NEET) develop entrepreneurial mindsets with transversal key competences and digital skills to secure (self) employment through community-based tourism.


The project, which is designed for young people who are neither in employment nor in education, aims to train young people with basic competencies and digital skills in the tourism sector, facilitate their participation in national markets and improve their ability to design experiences in cultural areas by strengthening their gamification and digital content development experiences in places of cultural importance.



The goal of the project is to identify and stimulate the review of relevant political measures within the framework of education policy and the assessment of existing development obstacles for business opportunities in the tourism sector.


The project defines a set of integrated solutions from which 6 NEET communities benefit by acquiring new skills, learn to recognize existing skills and create opportunities for (self)employment.


The report that will be generated on the basis of this research will be based on the analysis of the data obtained through the workshops, and will especially focus on the skill sets defined by each workshop.


To reach conclusions about the needs of visitors, tourists, citizens and employees in the tourism industry, it is crucial that we start a dialogue about resources, challenges and opportunities, so that our tourism offer is optimized and ultimately contributes to our economic development.


Support young people with fewer opportunities (NEET) develop entrepreneurial mindsets with transversal key competences and digital skills to secure (self-) employment through community-based tourism. Meet our project partners:
Provides opportunities for education, civic participation, humanitarian and voluntary engagement of all involved people who are participating in creating positive change and democratic society with equal rights for all.
ARTIFACTORY works with audiences at heritage places and trains professionals to develop heritage AV, with 15 international awards till today. Since ARF is EU Pact For Skills member.
PADIL is a dynamic Tunisian organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial culture and education, fostering creativity and innovative approaches, and advocating for sustainability.
Our core business is empowering youth and increasing their active participation in the social and economic development process by building a community of young entrepreneurs who are capable and inspired by the global sustainable development goals.
KMM is a public institution which settled in the middle of Turkey. It has 18 departments, 75 branch offices and approximately 8000 employees. It is the largest municipality in Turkey covering area nearly 42.000 km² and over 2.200.000 population.
MI-HI (Make It Happen Infinity) is a social enterprise that aims to empower youth and facilitate personal development. We support youth exchanges, educational events, cultural and language training.
The foundation is working in the field of Educational on Agility on Liberating Structures. New approach better suited for dealing with the growth and innovation faced by so many educational organisations.


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